Biophilia Benefits

wall plants indoor

We are always surrounded by noise, traffic, pollution and other stressors of life. Sometimes we just need to take a minute to breath and feel better. That is where “Biophilia” comes in, which translates to “love of nature”. This love of nature and our need for outdoor spaces, fresh air and need to connect with […]

Adidas Project

Each brand and project are unique. We at Desireign make sure to enhance the brand with our services in order to create a unique and memorable design. Adidas was one of our latest projects where we used Reindeer Moss and Province Moss for the display of the new Stan Smith Forever edition. These designs were […]

Preserved Plants & Moss Trend

wall planters outdoor

The new trend in town is preserved plants as they look the same as living plants except, they require no maintenance. These plants are aesthetically pleasing while giving the same feel as fresh plants in your commercial or residential space. Maintaining living plants results in significant energy waste, therefore, the more sustainable option is preserved […]