Luxury Preserved Green Wall

Luxury Preserved Natural Green Wall uae is an assemblage of various plants and Moss exhibited in several creative methods. Landscape Maintenance service in uae and green walls are one hundred percent natural, and requires zero maintenance.

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Preserved Plants & Trees

Each bit of luxury preserved plants from Desireign looks and feels real as they are once living plants and trees preserved naturally with a patented process from Italy.We have the largest assortment of beautiful plants and trees of various species, found across the planet earth.

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Pots & Planters

Pots are an inevitable element in any garden or landscape design, be it indoors or outdoors. They can be used as planters which are aesthetically and functionally resourceful. We deal with various kinds of pots and planters curated to meet your design requirements.

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About us

Desireign is a multi-disciplinary Landscape Maintenance service uae focused in luxury vertical vegetation, indoor and outdoor landscaping and elements to adore the décor.

Desireign, Landscape Maintenance service uae strive towards quality and perfection in the pursuit of design and execution, offering the clients a wide array of products and elements to aesthetically enhance the given context. We help you beautify your interior by creating elegant preserved plants, beautiful pots and planters and an audacious natural green wall in UAE among other products.


Green wall

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At Desireign we are wholly committed to utmost creativity and fresh out of the box ideas. Know more about what we do and take part in our joyful journey towards a better space to be in.